IMG_2210I was born and raised in Alabama in a small rural county in Alabama. I had a very close  Southern Baptist family. I knew from probably 5 or 6 that I was gay, but never was told it was wrong back then I didn’t even know what it was because it was never defined. So when I started school that time you start going through puberty the church made it very difficult to deal with something like that because they never really addressed it, but they would condemn it. Continue reading


IMG_2208I was diagnosed with breast cancer in the middle of my training for an olympic distance triathlon which felt like a really big impact and i really wanted to take the breast cancer experience journey and learn from it. I found a book called Race for Life and the author is a triathlon athlete and a breast cancer survivor as well and that inspired me to start working towards an iron man. Continue reading



My father was diagnosed with lung cancer when I was at the end of my sophomore year of college and so I came home for the summer. Ultimately he was terminal so I decided to take a year off from school and take care of him. I went back to school right after he passed away and realized I wasn’t ready so I took three years off, built my professional resume, moved to Bend started a job as a manager at a gym, worked my tail off, got promoted, became a general manager and oversaw everyone of the gym chains in town for this specific franchise. Continue reading

The Silver Otter

thumb_IMG_1011_1024When I was three years old my family and I were involved in a life altering car accident. My mother was left handicapped and was in the hospital for a while. My sister who was about two and a half years older than I and myself stayed with my dad and during the time that my mom was in the hospital he actually led us to believe that she had passed away. On Christmas he took us to the hospital and she was alive as if it was a big Christmas miracle. That’s not the most traumatic thing that happened during that time. It was very chaotic for all of us. Continue reading


IMG_9019I became homeless when I was 17 and worked my way up to the top and ended up owning a business.  The business was The Flying Frog Coffee and I flipped it for a profit. I went in there and I guess I’m super friendly and all because I got 30% tips over all cash made in the day. I was flowing in dollar bills. I traveled all across the west coast with nothing, but a guitar on my back. I hitchhiked places and people must really like musicians because I got pick up. People are just like oh he has a guitar so he’s probably trustworthy. Now I just play guitar all the time.

Tower Theather

thumb_IMG_7870_1024I started teaching Drivers Ed about 8 years ago and I love doing it and being able to relate to younger people and know whats going on in your lives. I think I’m doing something good for the community by making you guys better drivers and hopefully you transfer that information to your peers and parents.

Downtown Neighborhood

a6f368_20824a1fa6e143ae979b9e4f98f99804After growing up with a difficult childhood, I wrote a lot of poetry about it and things like that. I was invited to the National Poetry Society in Florida. And in Washington DC I received trophies for my poetry and things like that. I have a page on Facebook right now, it’s called Lyrics of Love, Loss and Life. and it’s nothing but poems about life experiences and what your going through and things like that. a lot of them are things a lot of people can relate too and stuff like that yeah and now I’m working at the Laura House Bed and Breakfast and my name is Laura and i’m the executive housekeeper there.