Strictly Organic

IMG_3320On the 18th I was listening to my mp3 player, riding in the bike lane, I didn’t have a red tail light, 7 days prior to that it fell off my bike and got ran over by a minivan and I had maybe 15 dollars to buy a new one [bike light] but that would’ve been a day and a half worth of tips, but i only worked four days a week and most of my money went to parties where my roommates and I would drink 40s and smoke weed, so I couldn’t afford a new flashing tail light. I even called my dad to told him I needed a new one, but he was mad about how I was spending my money. Riding home from work, at night, i was hit by a Ford with a 52 year old man driving himself home. He was a retired paramedic and knew kinda what to do when he hit me, at first he thought he hit a deer. They put me in an ambulance on a stretcher and I don’t remember much after that. In the hospital they had me sign paperwork because the injury was bad enough that they needed to amputate below the knee on my left foot. I was in the hospital for six weeks and in a wheelchair for six months.


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