The Silver Otter

thumb_IMG_1011_1024When I was three years old my family and I were involved in a life altering car accident. My mother was left handicapped and was in the hospital for a while. My sister who was about two and a half years older than I and myself stayed with my dad and during the time that my mom was in the hospital he actually led us to believe that she had passed away. On Christmas he took us to the hospital and she was alive as if it was a big Christmas miracle. That’s not the most traumatic thing that happened during that time. It was very chaotic for all of us. She was in the hospital and my dad was taking care of us and when she got out of the hospital, unfortunately the hospital had messed her up. The doctor went on a vacation and he instructed the nurses to not move her at all, but they forced her to move and walk around and so that really caused extra damage to her body during the healing process because they had not only forced her to move. The doctor had left nuts and bolts floating around inside her pelvis so her pelvis got smashed which caused her to have a whole hip replacement and because of the nuts and bolts being in there there was more drama and more medical issues that transpired after leaving that hospital. At the time we were in New York and all my mom’s family lived in Vermont so when she was well enough she took my sister and me to Vermont so they could help her take care of us. She went back and forth to New York when we were little to deal with a lawsuit with the hospital for malpractice.All of this horrible stuff was happening to her physically because of that and later on she found out other things affected her physically. During the whole time when we were young my mom was pretty much passed out and drugged up on medication so my sister and I who were very small at the time had to be responsible for ourselves. We didn’t have anyone to cook us meals or wake us up and bring us to the bus stop which is a lot for a small child. My first memories are of the accident and so my life started off very traumatic and so I had to be a young adult at the age of five. That really propelled my sister and me both to look at the world differently than most people our age. We were always more mature than everybody which was very difficult growing up especially for me because I was the youngest. I dealt with very deep depression throughout my childhood. It wasn’t until I was around 18 or 19 that I decided I didn’t want to be so upset and angry with the world. I had to go through my own kind of forgiving my father and understanding that the universe works in very mysterious ways. But if it wasn’t for that huge traumatic incident and everything else that played out throughout my younger life I wouldn’t be this person that is standing before you today and it really helped me gain my own personal power in stepping back and taking a different perspective of what happened. It propelled me to follow a different path. I’m interested in energy work and shamanism and I definitely attribute that interest to what happened to me. I stand here very grateful for everything that happened to me because I would not be me without it.


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