Drake Park


Aaron (right) – “I work in a large garden outside of town. My pitbull Ruin and I sleep outside and we’ve been through struggles just like anyone else. I was traveling before I was on the streets when I found out I was going to be a father, which is why I got Ruin, he’s pretty much my nanny. I’m a father and assistant gardener at this point and I sleep in a different place almost every night, it’s almost becoming more comfortable.”Elijah (left) – “I usually sleep in the same spot every night. We don’t try to bring attention to ourselves. I came from a long ways away, trying to find a piece of something that’s worth my time, not saying my time is valuable more than anyone else’s. I’m just trying to have something that’s mine. The winter’s going to be really hard and I haven’t done any preparing at all as far as warmth or comfortability goes. I’m behind and there’s a lot of stuff I’ve been ignoring and smoking pot doesn’t really help anymore, but I always seem to fall back on it.”

Aaron – “I believe we are going to be madly successful and you’ll probably hear about us in a historical sense. This is my first interview, but since it’s my first interview, I believe I’ll be madly successful.”


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