IMG_2208I was diagnosed with breast cancer in the middle of my training for an olympic distance triathlon which felt like a really big impact and i really wanted to take the breast cancer experience journey and learn from it. I found a book called Race for Life and the author is a triathlon athlete and a breast cancer survivor as well and that inspired me to start working towards an iron man. I just felt that the breast cancer was given to me as a change to rebirth myself after 45 years where I had gone through life not focused though I had been successful and had a family I really didn’t feel in touch with myself and grounded so i used the cancer journey as a way to start fresh. You get the symbolism of going through chemo and having your body completely depleted and it’s a way to say okay now I can start fresh. Once I got out of the first phase of my treatment I started training and I did a marathon one year after my surgery and after that I started training for the iron man and I completed that 18 months after surgery.


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