Drake Park


Aaron (right) – “I work in a large garden outside of town. My pitbull Ruin and I sleep outside and we’ve been through struggles just like anyone else. I was traveling before I was on the streets when I found out I was going to be a father, which is why I got Ruin, he’s pretty much my nanny. I’m a father and assistant gardener at this point and I sleep in a different place almost every night, it’s almost becoming more comfortable.” Continue reading

Strictly Organic

IMG_3320On the 18th I was listening to my mp3 player, riding in the bike lane, I didn’t have a red tail light, 7 days prior to that it fell off my bike and got ran over by a minivan and I had maybe 15 dollars to buy a new one [bike light] but that would’ve been a day and a half worth of tips, but i only worked four┬ádays a week and most of my money went to parties where my roommates and I would drink 40s and smoke weed, so I couldn’t afford a new flashing tail light. Continue reading